Brandon L. Locke

Hi. I'm Brandon L. Locke. Currently, I'm the Technical Support Manager at The Church Online. You can read more about my history on LinkedIn (Please note: it's pretty long and by the end you'll probably wonder how I've managed to do seemingly every job under the sun).

I'm interested in Linux, Systems Administration, and Python. Linux has been one of my defining passions for more than twelve years now. Due to my interest in system administration, I've been doing Python programming for a little over 2 years.


  • Windows 10/7/Vista/XP
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, & OpenSUSE)
  • Virtualization (Docker, Virtualbox, & LXC)
  • Python 3
  • cPanel/WHM Hosting
  • GSuite Administration
  • Nginx Administration