Docker Compose for Beginners

A lot of people get stuck on Docker in the “what is it?” phase. Is it a virtual machine? Is it a sandbox? How does one get things into it (and out of it)? Lord knows I had these questions when I first started.

How This Blog Gets Built

As is trendy among tech folks at the moment, this blog is nothing more than static html files. Each post is a single markdown file that gets “built” into a blog and deployed via a set of scripts. Lets break down this process. Maybe you’ll find it useful for one of your own projects.

New Blog Layout and Static Blogging Engine

EDIT: Ignore this, I’ve moved back to Pelican because Python == 'amazing'.

I’m now using Jekyll to create my blog. Since I’ve started working at The Church Online, I’ve seen a lot of dynamic sites at work and I must admit there is a definite draw there. I’m just not into dynamic content on my own personal site for a few main reasons.