New Job, Rebuilt Blog

So, as seemingly happens over and over again: it’s been a while. A lot has occurred since I last posted nearly 9 months ago. Sheesh, I’m really bad at this blog-having thing.

New Job

I have left The Church Online after three years leading the IT team there. I enjoyed my time, but it was clearly time for me to move on. I learned a ton of cool stuff, working on some interesting projects, and I met some really great people, but there was a lot of stress and while that was actually a beneficial thing at the beginning, it began to take its toll. I am not one to pat myself on the back to a great extent, but I know that I made a huge difference there and advanced the company by a respectable amount. I also know there are plenty of people who could have done just as well (if not far better!) than I did there, but I have no qualms with what I was able to accomplish in that position, especially when you consider the fact it was my first actual technical job.

I have moved to a company called InterWorx which develops a control panel for webhosting servers. A lot of people know our (ahem… more popular) direct competitor, WHM/cPanel. I provide direct technical support for system administrators and supplementary support for bug-related issues found by our parent company, Liquid Web. I really like the job thus far. The first plus is that I get to work with Linux all day long. I worked with Linux at The Church Online, but spent more time on Windows and MacOS systems due to the user-facing tasks I was responsible for. Now, I am all Linux, all the time. Additionally, the company culture is very laid back. While getting stuff done is still at the top of the list, it seems to be more because people like what they are working on, not because there is a ton of pressure from above (although there is some of that as with any job). The company’s recent acquisition by Liquid Web means that I am technically a Liquid Web employee, but the day-to-day reality feels more like I am an InterWorx employee and Liquid Web happens to be one of our largest customers.

New Baby

On January 12th 2020, my wife and I introduced our daughter, Lenora, into the world. Oddly enough, her birth came during the beginning of my last week at The Church Online.

Special thanks goes out to the team at The Church Online for being gracious while I was out during the second week of my two week notice. It was very generous of them.

Lenora is doing great and I couldn’t be more excited to be her dad. She is incredibly cute and seeing her learn and grow has already been a highlight of my life. Can’t wait to see who she grows up to be!

New Blog

So, I figured I would fire up the old blog again. Last year sometime, I had replaced my blog with a simple resume landing page. I found myself missing the oft unused features that a blog could bring. I like writing tutorials that I can revisit later. Even if no one else reads them, Lord knows that I’ve used them over and over again.