I've Vanished Off the Face of Social Media

I’ve removed myself from a majority of the major social media sites in the last few weeks. Namely, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This move was a long time coming and merely reflects the way things have been for roughly the last two or three years.


I believe the last time I logged into my Pinterest account (before closing it out) was in 2017. That means I used Pinterest even less than I used this blog (which is really saying something).


Similarly to Pinterest, I last logged into my Facebook account sometime in 2018. This was a one-time thing as I had heard an acquaintance of mine had died (he was the same age as me, which makes such a death unexpected) and I wanted to see if any details existed about the circumstances (we had long since lost contact but knew some of the same people). Other than that brief 10-minute interaction, my Facebook had been “deactivate” from at least some point in 2017.


Twitter was the closest to a social media profile that I “used”. However, my last tweet was from 2018 and the posting was almost as spaced out as these blog posts. (Has it really been a year already?) I really only consumed Twitter in a “when-bored” state. This meant I checked my feed roughly once a month for 10-15 minutes and then Twitter was relegated back to the unused bin.

Do I Even Exist?

All told, the online presence that remains is this website and LinkedIn. I’m sure some personal-branding marketeer is out there shaking their head and claiming that I’ll never get another job as long as I live. Social media is just not for me. It’s getting to the point where maybe the web at large is not for me.

Perhaps it’s time to dive deeper into Gemini. It’s like the web without all the terrible parts.

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