Thu 12 March 2020 | tags: career, linux, python, new_endeavor, thechurchonline, interworx,

So, as seemingly happens over and over again: it's been a while. A lot has occurred since I last posted nearly 9 months ago. Sheesh, I'm really bad at this blog-having thing.

New Job

I have left The Church Online after three years leading the IT team there. I enjoyed …

Wed 07 February 2018 | tags: thechurchonline, commandline_vs_gui, jekyll, pelican, wordpress, joomla, contains_ideas_for_future_posts,

EDIT: Ignore this, I've moved back to Pelican because Python == 'amazing'.

I'm now using Jekyll to create my blog. Since I've started working at The Church Online, I've seen a lot of dynamic sites at work and I must admit there is a definite draw there. I'm just not into …