Docker Compose for Beginners

A lot of people get stuck on Docker in the “what is it?” phase. Is it a virtual machine? Is it a sandbox? How does one get things into it (and out of it)? Lord knows I had these questions when I first started.

How This Blog Gets Built

As is trendy among tech folks at the moment, this blog is nothing more than static html files. Each post is a single markdown file that gets “built” into a blog and deployed via a set of scripts. Lets break down this process. Maybe you’ll find it useful for one of your own projects.

Why I'm In Love With Docker.

Docker has been on the scene for a while now. It’s being used to simplify workflows all the way from the first steps of development through to launch and onward with support and upgrades. I’ve been messing with Docker for roughly a year or so now and I have to admit that it’s great. It’s changed the way that I do a lot of software testing and deployment, both at home and at work.