I Kissed Social Media Goodbye

I just started listening to an audiobook by Jaron Lanier called “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now”. It obviously has a provocative title and it’s promise to dive into the hidden world of data collection and engineering really sold me on the book. (Notice that I did not link to it via GoodReads/Amazon/etc. That seemed a bit too contradictory given the subject matter.)

I've Vanished Off the Face of Social Media

I’ve removed myself from a majority of the major social media sites in the last few weeks. Namely, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This move was a long time coming and merely reflects the way things have been for roughly the last two or three years.

Ventilator Software Should Be Free

This post is about ventilators. The piece of equipment that is in seemingly short supply and likely won’t improve anytime soon.